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Since our establishment in 2002, we have been developing innovative ways to deliver our services and build a strong customer-focused organisation.

Our online service Discovery delivers public sector decision-makers by name, position, title, office or metro area at the Federal, State, Municipal and Local levels of government, health and education.

Government, Education and Health OverlapDiscovery delivers an online Data License with unmatched detail, ease-of-use and accuracy. You're in the drivers seat - perform searches that can be as tailored to your needs or as broad as you like.

We understand that data is all about flexibility. Discovery lets you select the prospects you want from 55,000 of the most current and detailed records available.

Discovery saves you time by taking away the legwork of information gathering by providing all the information you need in one source.



Health:  Hospitals, Aged Care, Government Agencies, Health Care Services, Commissions, Boards
Education:  Private and public schools, TAFE, Universities
Government:  Local, State, Federal and Statutory Authorities, Commissions, Boards
Agencies:  Government Associations, Government funded Boards, Authorities etc


How to use Discovery

  • Identify new business opportunities, target key decision-makers in sister and parent organisations
  • Key Account Management of your public sector clients
  • Target the right prospects every time with Discovery's superior navigation
  • Use Discovery to export mail, email and telephone marketing lists
  • Create campaigns: Tele, Email and Fax Broadcasts, Mail Shots, Direct Selling


parent and child agency contact chart Benefits

  • Accuracy (fresh data updated at least every month)
  • Comprehensive across all states and levels
  • In-depth parent / child organisational data showing the inter-relationships between agencies
  • Access to 55,000 contacts in all States and Territories



  • View the linkages between parent and child departments and related agencies
  • Build business relationships “up & down” the organisational tree
  • Identify new business opportunities and threats



Discovery provides “depth” information on agencies and individuals.

  • Drill down by department, division, job function or industry
  • View parent / child organisational relationships
  • Target senior decision-maker for each agency or search across 40 job functions
  • Number of staff (and students per school, beds per aged care facility)
  • See the linkages that display of how departments and agencies are connected and the personnel within them


High-frequency updating

Our team of highly-focussed public sector researchers is constantly working on keeping our data up-to-date with departmental restructurings, hirings and firings, schools closing down, agencies merging together and more. We feed these crucial updates through to the Discovery engine at least once a month, and more often if we feel there is important information our clients need. We're always working on keeping track of the public sector so that you don't have to.


Explore Discovery today

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration to see first-hand how easy it is to find key government contacts in our online government contacts database. Call us for more information on 02 9516 4703 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..










Examples of how contacts and organisations are presented in Discovery. Features include an SDM nominated for each organisation and parent / child organisational relationships. Click on images to see larger versions